Lennox Chell

  • Date of Birth: 8/11/2003
  • Hometown: Avoca Beach, Australia

  • You ever seen a kid with form as good as Lennox Chell? Nor have we. He was born into a surfing family and is essentially Avoca Beach royalty, which makes that whole perfect form thing add up. As one of the most promising surfers on Quiksilver’s Young Gun team, Lenno spends his days balancing school and surf. He hits the road every time he gets the chance, bringing that perfect form and big smile everywhere he goes.



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Imagine you’re 12 years old.

Then imagine you’re in Australia. And you’re staying at a big apartment overlooking Snapper Rocks. And that the best kids your age are right alongside you. And that the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast is on, so the best kids that aren’t your age (see: adults on the CT) are here too. In heaven yet?

Nope. Still earth — but a really, really awesome life on earth. It’s the life Lennox Chell has been living this week.

We sat down with him to find out exactly how it all feels.

What’s the best thing about being here?

It’s all been amazing. I get to hang with friends from all over the world and go surf. Plus, we get to surf with all the pro guys and try to copy what they do.

So, who’s been surfing the best?

Maybe Wilko. Or Connor O’Leary. And Mick and Parko. My hero is Gabriel Medina, and I’ve got to see him surf which was sick. But I think I like Mick the best because he’s such a nice guy and always has time to say hello and that.

What do you do when you’re not surfing?

Just hang out and do some homework. I’ve been asking some of the older boys stuff about chicks and all that and hearing heaps of funny stories. But I’m not on Tinder just yet.

Been getting into any trouble?

We were yelling at people off the veranda one day then trying to hide when they looked up. We yelled at Kelly and I think he got real mad at us.

Anything you’ve learned from being here?

Watching all the pro guys, you get to see how they approach a wave and how they approach a session. And then you get to see all the guys taking photos and learn how to get a good one. It’s been rad!

You probably already knew that the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast has trials to hand over a few spots in the main event — but did you know that there are trials to get into the trials? Yep, sure are. And we held em today. 


At an empty beachbreak a short drive away from Snapper, Michael Dunphy, Kehu Butler and Cody Robinson proved their merit in front of their peers. Tonight, they’ll sleep well. Tomorrow, they’ll surf in the actual trials. And the day after that, they could be facing the cream of the CT crop at Snapper. The path to victory sure ain’t short. But then again, nobody said it would be.

You wanna take yourself away from the job site, office desk or painful meeting and imagine you were a grom again? Here’s two minutes of pure stoke that might just help.

Lennox Chell. 13 years old from Avoca Beach, NSW. He's the kid you all saw in the ‘Stay High’ video with the grin from ear to ear. The name you keep hearing up and down the coast winning grom comps. The Goofy footer with a smoother frontside carve than the taste of the 6 poached eggs he eats every morning.

Lenno took all 4 feet of him, a bunch of boards to the Mentawais last month and this is what he produced. He’s not doing backflips, nor spinning and jiving on every piece of lip that throws itself at him, instead; drawing lines and surfing waves like a kid far beyond his years.

Oh, and you wonder why the clip only went for two minutes? Thats ‘cause Lenno’s dad Sam spent most of his time doing this…


The Quiksilver team was greeted to 3 to 4 foot Jan Juc on the final day of the Ripcurl Gromsearch. With multiple team riders still in the event it was going to be a long day at the beach supporting each other and watching heats.

Coming into the semi finals we had 5 surfers still in the event- Sandon Whittaker, Noah Stocca, Lennox Chell, Marlon Harrison and Paddy Hughes. Unfortunately we lost Paddy in his U12s semi final, he surfed exceptionally well but was unable to find a back up for his 9.17.

That left Sandon,Noah,Lennox and Marlon to bring the goods home for team Quik.

Lenno throwing a foamy one up

Marlon slicing through a clean Juc face

The boys didnt’t dissapoint. Sandon, after scoring the only 10 for the event in his semifinal went on to take out the U16 division in a wave starved heat. Noah unfortunately couldn’t buy a wave in the final but still came away with a very respectable 3rd place. After just joining the Quik team in the last month we couldn’t me more stoked for him.

U/16 final

It was then up to Lennox and Marlon to do some damage in the main peak lefts and rights at Jan Juc. Long time frother and young gun Lennox Chell had been surfing smart all event and he didn’t shy away from his game plan in the final despite the age difference with the rest of the field (Lennox is bottom age in the U14 division.) Lennox stuck to his game plan and came away with a solid 2nd place setting him up for the rest of the year to gain a good ranking in the GromSearch series, hopefully qualifying him for the national final.


U/14 final

However it was a dominate Marlon Harrison that stole the show in the U12 division. The cheeky grom from Snapper Rocks has recently rode a wave of success since shooting to stardom after footage of him threading barrel after barrel on the Super Bank surfaced on social media which pulled 100k views in less than 24hours. This event was no exception. Marlon was a stand out all event and capped it off with a unbelievable effort to combo the field in the final which included local favourite Ethan Huxtable.

U/12 final

All photos courtesy of Surfing Victoria.

A groms' eye view of the 2015/16 Hawaiian surf season. Three weeks on the North Shore with Riley Lang, Frazer Dovel, Caleb Tancred & Lennox Chell under guidance of former WSL surfer & coach Glenn “Micro” Hall.

11 year old Lennox Chell has had an awesome year. He's just come back from his first boat trip to the Mentawis and had pretty a rad time. This week he's heading to Hawaii to hang out at the team rider house on the North Shore and watch and learn at the Pipe Masters. Not your average grommet education. We've signed him up for four years - he's a grom we want to keep an eye on.