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Ross Clarke-Jones

  • Date of Birth: 6/6/1966
  • Hometown: Torquay, Australia

  • Ross goes. On anything. On everything. An unflinching fearlessness threw him into the spotlight from the get-go of his career. While he finished as high as 24th on the World Tour, he always gravitated towards big waves. That’s what really gave him satisfaction, but that’s also what gave him hell - he suffered from some of the most notorious wipeouts in the history of surfing. When you live life like Ross Clarke Jones, you’re going to end up with some stories.




The year was ’87. The film was Mad Wax. And the artwork by Peter Webb was too good not to revisit. Backed by the type of authenticity that only an old surf movie can provide, the new Mad Wax collection is a modernized strand of Quiksilver’s DNA - because we’re still a little mad after all these years.

The opening ceremony for the Quiksilver In Memory Of Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational is one of surfing’s grandest gatherings. The best big wave riders in the world all converge at Waimea Bay. They come with boards, they come with respect, and they take part in native ceremonies there in the sacred sand. Eventually, they paddle out and form a prayer circle in the lineup — silhouettes of superheroes shadow off into sea as the sun melts into the Pacific. It really is something.