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Masatoshi Ohno

  • Date of Birth:6/13/1981
  • Hometown:Izu Peninsula, Japan

  • Some people find tubes. Other people seem to have the tube find them - Masatoshi ‘’Mar’’ Ohno falls into the second category. Mar’s instinctual way of reading and riding the ocean truly is an art. He’s built a career around chasing good waves and nabbed a few major results along the way. Simply put, he’s a natural.



We're all pretty stoked to have Jeffreys Bay back on the ASP World Tour map - but probably no more than locals like Travis Logie who got in some pre-comp surfs with his home team along Durban's coastline (exact locations kept on the DL).

Travis competed in the main event and young guns, Slade Prestwich, Beyrick De Vries, Michael February and David Van Zyl surfed the trials. Here's the guys pre-event getting ready to shred in front of home crowds.

\ David Van Zyl finding some shade
Michael February throwing buckets
Slade’s text book bottom turn
Slade knocking the top off Photo: Patterson