Leonardo Fioravanti

  • Name: Leonardo Fioravanti
  • Date of Birth: 08/12/97
  • Hometown: Rome, Italy

  • Leonardo Fioravanti is no stranger to the surf world. And the surf world is certainly no stranger to him. The Italian charmer has had a spotlight shining on him since before he even hit his teens. And why not? He had eerily good form, a myriad of airs, a fearless approach to fearsome waves and a carve as big as his smile. The world was his, and the hype was inevitable. But those days are over. Leo’s an adult now. He’s had a certain fire in him ever since returning to the water after breaking his back at Pipeline. He qualified for the CT in 2016 at only 18-years-old and he has already beaten both Kelly Slater and 2015 World Champ Adriano de Souza as a wildcard on the WSL. From here on out, Leo’s just going to let his surfing do the talking. Rest assured, the whole world will be listening.





By now, you should know a little more about Leo Fioravanti. If not, then get acquainted with the 2016 SURFING Peer Poll winner by buying the latest SURFING, Magazine.

But if you’ve been following, you know that the Italian born, globally-raised regular foot has had himself an undeniably electric year. QS success, top-notch freesurf clips, and an all around zest to his step are what we’re referring to and if you don’t believe us then have a look at the little number above.

Madness is his method and his riding can only be described as insane. If you need proof, just tap into this new series from our friends at GoPro. It invites you to join Travis behind the scenes of some of the finer moments from The Fourth Phase. You’ll go to Alaska first, then Wyoming and finally Japan. Press play and go. And, please, mind the edge.

Courtesy of Surfing Magazine

This is Snake Tales. An insiders look into successes and struggles of the 2016 World Qualifying Series. Starring Quiksilver team Leonardo Fioravanti, Ezekiel Lau, Ramzi Boukhiam, Marc Lacomare and Kanoa Igarashi. Episode 2 just dropped online for your eyeballs pleasure.

Jeremy Flores

"This was one of the most memorable afternoons for me from the #quikpro. I knew the waves would get good as soon as the tide started to push back in and I really wanted to shoot with Jeremy Flores. This was my last day and his as well before bailing to Portugal for the WCT event.

After a few minutes conversation on the phone, Jezza said he would come down for a surf, he had such a hectic, busy day and could have easily brushed me off. It was around 6pm and the light was amazing, the waves were so much fun. Jeremy destroyed it, going for big turns and airs. This was shot just down the track from where the Quiksilver WCT house is situated, not a bad peak to have out the front of your place.

To top off the afternoon, Josh Kerr who was also surfing with Jeremy came in, got dressed and walked over to me with a bag. The bag had a bottle of red wine, baguettes and other goodies. Jeremy came in and we sat and watched the sun go down on an epic afternoon in France."

Dane Reynolds

"This was shot at a break called Les Estagnot, it was a peak that offered rippable right and left handers, it was 4 foot and really clean. I texted Dane earlier to let him know it was fun, i knew it was his last day in France but i was not sure he had time for a surf.

I was already on the beach when Dane was coming down. I knew if he got the right waves it would be a slaughter with displaced chunks of ocean getting sprayed everywhere. Another great afternoon in France."

Leo Fioravanti

"The night before this shot was taken, there was froth and excitement, people running around organising jet skis and preparing for the big swell to hit. Leo and Mikey shared a ski and were doing step offs, i was on the beach trying to locate them as there were a few others out on skis doing the same.

Finally i got my sights on them, they were 200 meters north of the contest, Leo had a bright green wetsuit on so it was easy to spot the boys. This was the best wave Leo got in 3 hours, definitely his cleanest. He got tubed on a few others, but the wave in this shot was really perfect.

Leo is ripping and has made a remarkable comeback after back surgery from a horrific wipeout and Pipeline. Every day the kid gets stronger and confident, it's great to see, i hate to see anyone with such talent injured."

Mikey Wright

"This was the same day as the Leo shot. We got up really early, the sun doesn’t hit the water until about 8.15am, it's still kind of dark even then.

Then the next problem was the fog, had to wait for it to lift before i could get a clear shot. Mikey got this one about 500 meters north of the Quik Pro WSL event. For me it was the cleanest and best shaped wave Mikey caught in 3 hours. i love his style and the flair on the wave, not to mention he rips."

Koa Rothman

"This was the first time I shot with Koa Rothman, such a nice polite kid. i was really impressed with his backhand surfing, this right was really testing him and he smashed it.

As you can see, he has a smooth and graceful style, this was shot at Les Estagnot one late afternoon."

Dane Reynolds

"This afternoon was so crazy, people started flocking to the beach when they saw Dane and Mikey run down for a surf at a break called Les Estagnot.

It was wild, people were clapping, whistling, ooohs and aaaahs after every turn or air, having a great afternoon. With standing room only being behind me on the hill, it was chockers with lots of frothers enjoying the free show of power surfing at its most radical.

I love when people are passionate about watching surfing as they are when watching football."

Mikey Wright

"Kanoa rrocked up to France out of the blue, he was just in Portugal competing and decided to come to Hossegor for 3 days. He knew Pierre, the CEO of Quiksilver, was holding a massive barbecue for the athletes and staff. Kanoa loves food and there was no way he was going to miss out on a free banquet..

Here he is the morning after the banquet, punting in front of some grommets full of food and full of energy. Beats me how he got that high."

Kanoa Igarashi

"It was the Dane and Mikey show at Les Estagnot, France. That's Jimmy Graham filming with another filmer, Nick Pollet, looking on as Mikey impresses."

Dane Reynolds

"Another moment of Dane in the Dane and Mikey show!"

Michael Dunphy

"First time i shot this Dunphy and he f'n rips. His front side hacks are nuts, can’t wait to shoot him in perfect rights with big hack sections."

While all our Rnd 2 finalists are busy cutting their clip ready for your votes, Stab caught up with #KingOfTheGroms finalist Leo Fioravanti.

Leo Fioravanti has spent most of the year in rehab for a back injury during the Backdoor Shootout at Pipe. He's now back in the surf and charging towards his goal of one day joining the WSL tour.

After busting his back in February, Leonardo Fioravanti is working his ass off to get back to more of this..

Leo Fioravanti enjoying a sunset session at Lanzarote in the Canary Islands.

Italy isn't exactly known for generating groundbreaking talent in the surfing world, but in Leonardo Fioravanti they've produced just that. A hidden gem. The next great prodigy in world surfing.

Desillusion Magazine's editor-in-chief Sebastien Zanella followed Leo from Hawaii to Roma to gain an insight into his remarkable adolescence. The video is based on the article "La Dolce Vita" published in Desillusion Magazine 48 , Tome 4 available on

We’re already halfway through winter on the North Shore and after a great December, January brought some ugly northerlies, but this didn’t stop our boys from getting out there. The full artillery of young guns have arrived to prep for the Sunset Pro Junior next week so now there’s two team houses on the go – one at Sunset and the other at Pipeline. The final day of the Da Hui Backdoor Shootout will run any day and our team are locked and loaded.

Quiksilver Team Captain and past winner of the Shootout Reef Mcintosh signing his waiver before his first heat. "Compete at your own risk“

No contest jerseys for the Shootout so lots of opportunity to get some great action shots of the boys in empty Pipe. Leonardo Fioravanti getting slotted “

Leo, Kanoa and Kai Warner taking out the honours on the pool table.

Koa Rothman and Dede Suryana deciding what boards to take out for their first end heat of the Backdoor Shootout.

Leo getting patched up bye the Doc after his bounce off the bottom.

Luis Diaz, Riaru Ito, Leo Fioravanti, Kanoa Igarashi, Kai Warner, Mikey Wright.

It's that time of year again where the team head to the North Shore for the Triple crown. Some of them deal with re-qualifying on the CT, others are just qualifying and the youngest are just here to get more experience, Hawaiian style.

Stoked on his 3rd place and getting those more than ever needed WQS points at the Reef Hawaiian Pro, Jeremy Flores is also on the list of invitees to the Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the big wave invitational and Jeremy being invited for his third year running since winning the Pipeline Masters at Bonzai Pipeline in 2010.

I'm honored to get an invitation for the Quiksilver Eddie Aikau. I've been chosen to be the European wildcard in the event for the third year. This is scary & exciting at the same time. The swell hasn't been quite big enough for it the last few years but I have a feeling that this year's the one. Mother nature will decide!!!

Not scared off by the crowded line-ups, best mates Leonardo Fioravanti and Kanoa Igarashi have been going guts for glory and making their mark for the younger team riders staying at the Quik house.

Leo riding another foam ball.

Kanoa answering back.

Needing high results at Sunset, Aritz (above) and Tiago (below) fine tuning their game plan with just under a week to go until the 2nd stage of the Triple Crown kicks off. We've got plenty more behind the scenes madness from the North Shore coming up, follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for all the latest.