Jeremy Flores

  • Name: Jeremy Flores
  • Date of Birth: 27/04/88
  • Hometown: Hossegor, France

  • Passionate. That’s what Jeremy Flores is. In the water, out of the water, all the time. He was born on Reunion Island, raised in Madagascar and currently resides in France. Jeremy’s talent was recognised early on and he quickly found himself traveling the world with big names like Kelly Slater. That diverse, worldly experience translated to his surfing - he’s powerful, he’s progressive and he’s absolutely fearless when the waves get heavy. So far, he’s won two CT events in his career - 2010 Pipeline Masters and the 2015 Billabong Pro Tahiti - and has consistently remained a must-watch every time he surfs a heat.



The Victorian coastline has a bunch of other surf spots other than Bells Beach – and on a good day, barrels aplenty. After the Bells Beach Pro wrapped Jeremy Flores and John John Florence scored some fun sessions on uncrowded waves along the coast.

After the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast, Jeremy Flores spent a weekend away from the crowds road testing some new boards and the all new AG47 Boardshort.

The AG47 New Wave Bonded Boardshorts will be available to buy online this May.

One of the best ways to keep an eye on our team riders is on Instagram. They're spread far and wide across the globe. Just this past week, there's the team riders keeping busy on lay days during the Drug Aware Margaret River Pro in Western Australia; our young guns having fun in Ecuador competing in the ISA World Junior Surfing Championship; Matt Banting making his way from LA down to Mexico ... and Dane building a pigeon coop at home in California.

@KanoaIgarashi - Exploring Ecuador with @maddiepeterson_ on a lay day.

@ThomasVictorCarroll - "and I am frothing", ended @markrichardssurfboards post Rally Car Hot Lap freak out with driver Scott Pedder (navigator Dale Moscat) in their Renault Clio R3 they are lap time leaders heading into the Power Stage of the Quit Forest Rally, Busselton Western Australia. #gravity #defiance #speed @rcj6666

@SealTooth - spent the last week learning basic carpentry from @baresco while building a pigeon coop in my back yard. always fun to learn a new skill. ba's a good teacher. he gives me basic guidance and lets me fuck up or figure it out... or something... anyway seems like a loose educational process and been super fun.

@Aritz_Aranburu - Best place on Earth. Mejor lugar del mundo @gopro #hero3+ @quiksilver @pukassurf #tubito

@LFioravanti - Finally got to Ecuador after 36 hours of traveling. Waves are really fun, can't wait for the comp to start!! #2days @quiksilver @redbullitalia PC - @cidoubleyou

@MattBanting - Went to have a little look around Venice with the crew @sierradriessen @derek_peters @jimmy__graham

@FloresJeremy - This my GF Lily she is the bombbbbbb !!!! #sorryuncletrav @travislogie !!!!! @melissapatacchia @freddyp808

@CodyRobinson - Stoked to take out my first heat in 3 months expecially here in ecuador for the #isawj. #goaus

@FreddyP808 - Pic @stephenisbelly This is two seconds before I ran him over & thought I cut his arm off. The risk we take for Instagram photos. Haha

@MattBanting - Ohhh Mehicoo

Who wouldn’t want to take one of Kelly’s boards out for a surf? Jeremy Flores did just that and borrowed one of the Champ’s magic carpets not long ago in Portugal, putting it through the paces in average surf and making us want to go get one of whatever it is. Since then Jeremy’s adjusted his equipment to go shorter and wider and is surfing as loose as ever.

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What do you pack when you're free surfing or on the world tour for most of the year? We asked Jeremy Flores for his travel essentials to make packing for your next surf trip that much easier.

  1. 1. Bradley surfboard CB1
  2. 2. Quiksilver Haleiwa sandals
  3. 3. FCS fins- Jeremy Flores pro model
  4. 4. Pack of stickers: I've had so many new boards lately I need stickers for all of them
  5. 5. Hard drive: for movies, music, pictures and footage collected during the season
  6. 6. 2014 ASP surfer's pass
  7. 7. Ukulele: I won it at the Haleiwa contest last year, then I started playing, it is easy to travel with.
  8. 8. Little Buddha (on the stickers): I wish I was that zen!
  9. 9. Quiksilver sunglasses
  10. 10. Car keys: Audi S4
  11. 11. Brigg Scallop boardshort

Read our exclusive two part interview with Jeremy, part 1 & part 2

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Here’s part two of the chat we had with Jeremy about his love of barrels and how he plans for 2014 to roll out.

QS: You say you have nothing to prove, so now it also seems like you have nothing to hide.

Yeah, for sure, I have nothing to hide now. Coming from a small island in France, it took me a while to fit in the whole business side of the competitive world. But it’s like a big family now and that’s one good thing about this whole competitive tour. It’s really hard and really professional but backstage you have some good times.

QS: Tell us about your new coach, Fred Robin.

This year I started working with Fred Robin who is also from Réunion Island like me. He’s known me since I was about 4 or 5 years old and is one of the most mellow guys I know. He was my hero growing up because he was one of the guys with the best style in surfing. I think he’s a good balance for me so I decided to work with him this year.

Last year I was pretty much doing everything by myself and I thought I could do it, but nowadays it doesn’t really work like that. There’s a lot of things behind the scenes that Fred is doing for me now so he makes my life more easy. It’s always good to have another opinion from the beach telling you how your boards go, filming you on waves, making sure I eat healthy. This is my first event with Fred and I’ve known him forever. He’s a good balance for me – I can be a little crazy and he is so mellow – we get along good.

QS: It’s about the yin and the yang and the fire and the ice.

Ha! Yeah, that’s about it.

QS: What are your expectations for this year and the next few years?

After many years on tour and so many times in the top ten, in the last two years, I seriously didn’t even care whether I was number eight or number twenty. My goal is to make the top five so I’m doing the training and trying to improve my surfing.

This year is going to be a big change because my boards are changing. I was getting bored with the style of board I was riding and when you get bored nothing really comes together. So this year I’ve been having fun with new boards with a different speed and drawing different lines so that means different turns too. I don’t know what’s going to happen this year but I’m really excited because I feel my surfing is better and different. I love barrels and I love when the waves are firing like Pipe or Teahupo’o so now I just need to work on my combos. I want to make this top five really bad. I’m sure if I can make the top five I can work out a way to get further up. But for now I’ll try to do better than anything I’ve done so far which is number seven in the world.
We’ve known Jeremy Flores for a while now and recently we noticed he’s gone through a bit of a revolution – or maybe even an evolution. We sat down with Jeremy between heats of the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast to talk new boards, new moves and a new coach in this two-part interview.

QS: Eight years ago we were sitting in this exact apartment talking about your first event on the World Tour. Woah – I feel old!

Ha! I feel old too.

Jeremy Flores chatting with us between rounds at Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast

QS: A lot of things have changed in your life lately. I read an interview in Stab a few weeks ago and thought you’ve opened up a bit. You’re not trying to be Mr Perfect – you’re just being you.

Well, this is my eighth year on the World Tour. I qualified when I was young, I was 17 and every tour I had new goals. On the world tour I felt like I had to prove a lot and go to the top 10. After many years on tour I was starting to get a little bit over it even though I know I’m so lucky with the life I have. I’ve been having so much fun in the last two years – I haven’t been wanting it as much as I used to. I think you need a couple of years like that to come back to earth and to really remind you why you love surfing so much.

So now 2014 is a big new year, it’s fresh, a lot of things have changed. I have a new crew around me and I’m still really close with my friends and family. I’ve been really working on a lot of things – my combos, trying to mix my rail turns, carve turns and my air game with a lot of tricks. My boards have been doing good too. I’ve been changing my boards, they have always been 5’11” but now I only ride 5’9”. They’re a lot wider and a lot thicker so it’s big news for me.

It’s a new year. Now I’m in the same location but in a different state of mind.

Everyone on tour kinda knows me now and has seen my ups and downs, so I have nothing else to prove or to show. I’m just having fun, I have a pretty good life and I’m happy how everything is going. Gold Coast, Australia, the first three events – we’ll see what’s up.

Stay tuned for part 2..

This morning’s ASP official assessment of three-to-four foot waves with light winds was an improvement on yesterday’s conditions. Sunny skies and bikini weather pulled the crowds ready to be impressed and go the full 12 rounds.

Jeremy Flores © ASP / Cestari

Opening the heats were Julian Wilson, Jeremy Flores and Travis Logie. Logie's backhand punctuated the pockets of the punchy righthanders, while Flores' speed, power and repertoire impressed the judges on the panel to advance him into round three.
Taj Burrow utilized his veteran experience with cautious wave selection in heat two, waiting nearly 10 minutes to open his campaign. His opening scores would prove enough for the opening heat win of 16.17 against Miguel Pupo and Dion Atkinson.

Fred Patacchia © ASP / Cestari

Fredrick Patacchia was lethal on his backhand in the Snapper walls, opening with a 7.33 and capitalizing from there, winning heat three against Brett Simpson and Jordy Smith.
Parko, comfortable at his local break, was up against fellow veterans Bede Durbidge and Tiago Pires on a dropping tide and inconsistent conditions in heat four. Parkinson found a long set wave in the final minutes allowing him to unload his impressive repertoire and earn an excellent 8.93 for his efforts.

Kelly Slater © ASP / Cestari

Winner of the trials to score the wildcard, rookie Matt Banting, was up against Kelly Slater and Matt Wilkinson in heat five. Banting pulled out his forehand moves but was no match for Kelly who advanced directly through to round three.

Another highly anticipated wildcard, Dane Reynolds took on reigning three-time ASP World Champion Mick Fanning and powerhouse Adam Melling in heat six. Reynolds explosive performance advanced him directly into round three.

Dane Reynolds © ASP/ Kirstin

Heat eight welcomed improved conditions with the change in tide. Nat Young, 2013 ASP WCT Rookie of the Year, would pick up where he left off, leading the heat from start to finish against Sebastian Zietz and Aritz Aranburu.
Highest score of the day, 17.54, was by Josh Kerr in heat nine. He blended airs, barrels and full-rail turns outscoring Filipe Toledo and Mitch Crews.

Aritz Aranburu © ASP/ Kirstin

As the tide rolled in the Superbank improved and allowed John John Florence, Gabriel Medina and Jadson Andre to smash out some aerials in heat 9. Medina’s backhand airs and explosive snaps grabbed him the heat.
The final heat of the day featured the highly anticipated return of Owen Wright alongside Michel Bourez and Kolohe Andino. The deteriorating conditions would see Bourez in the final minutes of the heat get the best of the affair to advance directly to Round 3.
Tomorrow’s forecast for round two looks like similar conditions to today. See you at 7.30am local time for the morning call!

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© ASP / Cestari
There's more to the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast than just contest jerseys and Snapper Rocks. We'll be gathering up the best of the best the athletes and media around the Quik Pro have to offer so you don't have to. Think of it as Instagram for the lazy.

@tarayasminmel checking the #quikpro comp site. @asp first event starts march 1st #makeitgolden @quiksilver

It's not the size of your lens it's how you use it. #overcompensating #checkingthewavesonmars #goodwavesonmars #quikpro

'Bout as funny as a 6pack of fresh @jsindustries1 in an elevator! Lucky boy.

Nice to see @mrpottz back on tour! He's part of the new look @asp commentary team. #durban #89worldchamp

Yesterday was my last day of training before the quiksilver pro... It's been 6 months of training 5-7 times per wk. big thanks go out to all the people in the gym that I trained with and everyone involved that's encouraged and helped me be ready to compete nxt wk. would not be in this position with out you .. Cheers #grateful #support

Boards ✔️ Pink ✔️ Mum ✔️ #thinkpink

It's always fun pushing my little girl @sierrakerr into waves!

The place to be

Another day in paradise. Surfing non stop 3 times a day frothing. Sun burned ! Stoked to have my brothers around... @fredorobin @mikypicon !!! ( @freddyp808 )

@asp awards con la más guapa @almudenanyc. Estamos a 2 días para el comienzo del World Tour

Congratulations to all the Champions at last nights award banquet. "Good on ya Mick!" what an amazing year of competitive surfing. @asp @missylee808 @thelane @mfanno

In 50 years, we can only hope this is how our generation is remembered. Dylan Rieder (@swankfuck_inc) and @craig__anderson melting into the floor in Terminal 2 at the Sydney airport. #collectedthought up now at Photo: @blakegmyers

#fbf @nate_web we should do it all again! Hahaha

Trials today @quiksilver @weetbixau @ocean_earth #Quikpro #snapper

Psyched to see @kanoaigarashi compete in the #quikpro trials today! @morganmaassen

@dingomorrison applies the rail this week at Duranbah. Photo: @nate_smith_photo

Experimenting with new equipment at the #quikypro #snapperrock @quiksilver

Goldy tomorrow. There is froth. #quikpro #aspworldtour

The world's best surfers traded sunlight for the spotlight as they hit the black carpet for the 2014 ASP World Surfing Awards - the night that celebrates the achievements of the 2013 ASP season, and officially opens the 2014 Samsung Galaxy ASP World Championship Tour.

Quiksilver team rider and 11x World Champ Kelly Slater took home top honors for both Heat of the Year and Wave of the Year, as did Roxy athlete and 5x World Champion Steph Gilmore.

The Award Winners:
Peter Whitaker Award: Sofia Mulanovich
Breakthrough Performers: Dimity Stoyle & Kai Otton
Heat of the Year: Kelly Slater, John John Florence, Josh Kerr & Alana Blanchard, Coco Ho
Move of the Year: John John Florence & Tyler Wright
Wave of the Year: Kelly Slater & Stephanie Gilmore
ASP World Junior Champions: Gabriel Medina & Ella Williams
ASP World Longboard Champions: Piccolo Clemente & Kelia Moniz
ASP Women's Rookie of the Year: Bianca Buitendag
ASP Men's Rookie of the Year Nat Young
ASP Women's World Title Runner-Up: Tyler Wright
ASP Men's World Title Runner-Up: Kelly Slater
ASP Women's World Champion: Carissa Moore
ASP Men's World Champion: Mick Fanning

Read the full story here

Tiago Pires & Jeremy Flores

Aritz Aranburu & lady friend

Main image courtesy of ASP. Follow: Quiksilver, Kelly Slater, Steph Gilmore, Tiago Pires, Jeremy Flores and Aritz Aranburu on instagram.

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We can’t guarantee you will surf like these guys, but looking like ‘em in the water we can. Prepare to be stoked when someone mistakes you for Kelly,Dane, Freddy, Jeremy or Travis.

Having reached the final of the 6th stop on the 2013 ASP World Tour, Kelly Slater is back at the frontrunner position on the ASP ratings. The 11 time world champion has now 1050 points more than his only opponent for the 2013 crown, Mick Fanning (Aus), while there are still 4 events to go this season. In the Final, Kelly Slater was defeated by Adrian Buchan (Aus) by 18.94 pts vs 17.90. Earlier, in the semis, Ace Buchan had pulled out Fanning out of the contest and helped Slater to jump on the ranking first position.

Slater was a man possessed on the final day of competition, surviving horrific wipeouts throughout his five heats of competition to find himself in this evening’s Final against Buchan. Despite an incredible backhand barrel and a last-minute effort on a righthander, the Australian’s early scores would prove too much for Slater to overcome.

“Took a few poundings out there today for sure,” Slater said. “Felt like I dislocated my shoulder at one point but it feels okay now. The waves were really fun today and Ace (Adrian Buchan) just happened to get those two gems at the start of the heat. Those two were the ones and I would have preferred a win, but Ace has been in really good form all day and he’s a deserving winner.”
Slater’s Final berth this evening pushes the Floridian into the frontrunner spot on the 2013 ASP WCT rankings heading into the back four events of the season.

“Trestles, Europe and Pipe is a pretty strong leg for me historically,” Slater said. “It’s pretty close at the top right now so it will be an interesting finish to the season.”

As for Jeremy Florès, awarded the Andy Irons award for surfing the heaviest wave of the event, the Tahitian leg ends on a nice 9th place finish keeping the Reunion Island surfer in the ASP Top 15.

After the next tour stop in California coming up, the world’s elite of surfing will be in France from September 26th for the Quiksilver Pro France.