Rash Vests

Rash Vests by Quiksilver

Essential pieces of clothing in any beachgoers travel kit, our rash vests are designed with function and fashion in mind. Our rash vests will keep your skin protected from the sun and also to prevent any irritations that might otherwise occur. Our broad range of rashies means that we've got you guys well and truly covered.

Protection and Comfort

All our rash vests have good UPF 50+ ultraviolet sun protection, ensuring that you're safe in the sun. We also advise that you read up on the latest staying safe in the sun guidelines as well. Our rashies are also designed with comfort in mind, and uses fabric which stretches easily and ensures a comfortable fit. All our rashies hold excellent shape and colour retention over time as well.

Range of Rashies

Our latest mens range of rash vests are our best yet. We have a great selection to choose from, short sleeved rashies through to long sleeve rashies, and even singlet rash vests! Choose a quality rashie, choose a Quiksilver rashie today!