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Travis Rice Takes An Ambitious Journey Around The North Pacific

From sending it in the backcountry to working with us on his signature line of outerwear there's one thing we know for sure, Travis Rice always commits. His last three movies (Community Project, That's It That's All and The Art Of Flight) set the standard for high def movie production. Perfecting lighting and pro film crew aside, Travis’s new trailer is quite simply, a two minute cut down of years spent boardriding with his crew. Whether you’ve met Travis or not, if you’re a snowboarder, you’ll wanna see The Fourth Phase at the first chance you get.

"The mechanics of how our winters work have always been intriguing to me,” said Travis. “Creating ‘The Fourth Phase’ brought an incredible group of snowboarders together with the hardest working, most committed production crew in the game, to witness first-hand the many moods of the North Pacific storm engine. The journey was created under the premise that to know something and to truly understand something - you have to become it."





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