Kelly's Roam boardshorts are a passport for his surfing adventures around the world. Made from PET plastic - recycled from the same kind of plastic drink bottles that were littering the beach in Bali - the shorts feature Quiksilver's revolutionary Diamond Dobby fabric. They stretch four ways and are rash-free. If you want to surf all day in some far-flung wave-lashed corner of the world, these are your ticket.

From a place beyond greatness comes Robert Kelly Slater. The Floridian's 11 world titles will never be equaled, not in this lifetime and surely not in lifetimes to come, and his stratospheric success makes him not only the greatest surfer who ever lived but in all probability the world's greatest athlete. Since 1990, Kelly has been sponsored by Quiksilver, the world's leading board sports manufacturer, where he influences and consults on the design and testing for the company's signature series of high-performance wetsuits and boardshorts.