There are some rad surfing families out there, the Rothmans, the Hobgoods, the Wrights, the Fletchers, the Lopezs, the Hos … and the Mels.

Before the CT circus arrived some of our team riders flew to Tahiti for boardshort research and development. Between testing our latest AG47 performance boardies, getting shacked off their melons, product photoshoots and fighting with slow wifi, the team somehow managed to show us what they were up to. Follow too many kooks on insta? Don't worry, here's only the best.

Prehistoric landscape, world class surf, welcoming locals, days of rain, Hinano, and poisson cru. Tahiti has a way of making you forget about the creature comforts of home and replaces them with new smells, tastes, and sounds that after a few days absorb you right in. But don't get too comfortable; that perfect a-frame peak over there? Just below are a million razor blades waiting to turn your back into hamburger. Its exactly that raw, unexpected side we're interested in.

To get lost (then find themselves), some crew go surfing, some go travelling. In Hoyo’s case, he arrived in Bali, watched the sunset, drank some beers, then got lost in a rice field.

That was in 1990 and Hoyo has been coming back once or twice a year ever since.

If you’re Australian, you’ve probably done the same, but if you’re crossing time zones, there’s nothing like a few tips from an intrepid trouble-maker to get you started.

Call it what you will – getting shacked, pitted, slotted, canned – Mikey Wright grabs the lion’s share of head dips in-between surf trips at his home break in Lennox Head.

We're all pretty stoked to have Jeffreys Bay back on the ASP World Tour map - but probably no more than locals like Travis Logie who got in some pre-comp surfs with his home team along Durban's coastline (exact locations kept on the DL).