The Monster Children crew are fans of an off-the-grid trip – who isn’t? And to Sri Lanka? Yep, we’re in. Craig Anderson, Stephanie Gilmore, Dion Agius, Dylan Rieder and Andrew Allen switched off from the everyday to jump on a bus in search of empty waves, skate spots and good times. Hello, Team Average.

Do you know a grommet who is frothing to surf? Join them up to the Vegemite SurfGroms

Tall and tanned and young and frothing was the Sydney and LA crew turn-out for the Team Average 3 premiere.

Growing up in Western Australia has its perks, the biggest perk is uncrowded waves. Just check out local grommet Kael Walsh in the clip to see how many people are in the line-up of six to eight foot glassy offshore barrels. Count them. It won’t take long.

Slade Prestwich has been keeping busy dropping clips and his latest above doesn't disappoint. How does Slade keep pushing out so much content? We caught up with him to find out.

Teahupoo is to Tahiti is what Pipeline is to Hawaii. When you find yourself there, you have to surf it – or go over the falls trying. If you’re feeling adventurous, there are plenty of other waves in Tahiti, you’ve just got to know where to find them. Back in January – and to have some fun before kicking off the 2014 tour – Jeremy surfed his brains out at some secret spots at the outer islands. Check out the clip to see J-Flo and his local mates do their thing on some of Tahiti’s finest.