Check out 15 year old Micky Clarke surfing Ventura. Fellow Venturan Dane Reynolds picked Micky for his top 10 King of the Groms #KingOfTheRail so we'll be seeing more of Micky's skills soon in round 2.

The J-Bay WSL event is coming up next week and Dane Reynolds has been asked to compete as a wild card making it his third WCT event this year. The WSL crew caught up with Dane while he was in Fiji to ask him how he's wrapping his head around competing in these events.

Remember Cyclone Pam? Jeremy Flores hit the road in New Zealand with Koa Rothman and Dean Morrison during cyclone Pam with the intention to score as many waves as they could. And score they did. Check out the video and count the barrels.

If you didn’t catch the #FijiPro this week, you blew it. Cloudbreak was absolutely firing and the top 34 were owning it. Here’s a quick recap.

Last week Dane Reynolds dropped 'Sampler' - a collection of B-sides that didn't make 'Cluster' but has still blown us all away. Watch then repeat. Make sure you check out Dane's explanation of why he made 'Sampler' over at his website.

This year's King Of The Groms is turning out to be a worldwide digital expression session. With more than 400 entries and only 3 weeks to go until the end of Round 1, we're frothing on the level of surfing already seen and can't wait to find out who's gonna shred their way through to round 2.